Happy 2009

Here comes 2009, I would like to wish all family & friends a Happy New Year & All The Best in your future undertakings!


30 minutes DIY Lip Balm 潤唇膏

I would like to introduce a DIY lip balm method to you. Just need less than 30 minutes to make a new way to protect your lips during this dry weather!
在這乾燥的天氣,真的要好好保護櫻唇呢! 今天介紹大家一種簡單 DIY 潤唇膏的方法,只需幾個步驟, 不消 30 分鐘便擁有自家製的潤唇膏了!

1 tea spoon 100% Aloe Gel 一茶匙純蘆薈膠
1/2 tea spoon Cocunut Oil 半茶匙椰油
1 tea spoon Vaseline 一茶匙凡士林

Mix them all and put into the Microwave for 30 seconds to a minute, until the Coconut Oil melted.
三種材料混合後,用微波爐高溫加熱 30 秒 - 1 分鐘,至椰油融化,
Wait for 10 - 20 minutes to let it cool down.
大約等待 10 - 20 分鐘冷卻便完成,
 You can put it in any little box when it is cooler!


Cyber Port

看看我們扎糉咁在 Cyber Port 岸邊吹風和超薄雪紡春裝的強烈對比O......
在此向所有專業模特兒致敬! ! ^^"


Merry X'mas!!

Thanks for your support.
Wish all you guys a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Beauty & Healthy ever after! LOL


M.A.C Lightful

Bought a M.A.C gift set. It is the Lightful line, it has a "Cleanser Nettoyant", a "Softening Lotion", an "Essence Serum", a "Protective Moisturizer Hydratant" & an "Ultracharge Foundation".
They replaced my old products in this A/W! From left to right, Cleansing --> Softening --> Serum --> Sun block --> Makeup.
I like the "Protective Moisturizer Hydratant" with SPF 30/PA++ most! It brightens my face, sun block and makes my skin look smoother! ^^

最近在 M.A.C 買了一套五件的禮盒, 如圖左至右, 由洗臉 --> 爽膚 --> 保養 --> 防曬 --> 粉餅, 一應具全, 現已取代我早上的護膚及底妝程序了!

特別推介當中的 "Protective Moisturizer Hydratant", 有 SPF 30/PA++ 防曬, 它更有效打亮了我的臉蛋, 還令粉底很貼服呢!


Kristina Ts

Work with Kristina for an advertisement. Such an adorable face and really professional!
Wish her a bright career ahead!


Senal Paper Mask

I want to introduce this "Senal H2O Paper Mask" to you. A soft paper mask with lots of H2O essence, enough for me to massage my neck too!
Just apply it on my face after deep cleansing for 15 minutes. It makes my dry face hydrogenic. And the paper is prefect fit for Asian. I like it! ^^
今天想介紹"Senal H2O 保濕啫喱面膜"給大家!是我近期的至愛, 洗完臉磨沙後貼上面部十五分鐘,已即時令我的缺水皮膚水份飽滿,而且質地柔軟,形狀合適,它的水份精華素更足夠我用來按摩頸部和手部呢!


Sebamed Moisturizing Cream 施巴 5.5

Winter is coming, the dry weather makes my skin dehydrate day by day. Sensitive than last year and some pores appeared. So I tried this "Sebamed ph 5.5 Moisturizing Cream" to solve my sensitive dry skin problem.

I only use this cream after cleansing. It's texture is not oily, and it works for me after 2 days used.

冬季快來臨了! 一夜之間的天氣轉變,令我的皮膚乾燥又敏感,比去年還要差,手頭上的冬季護膚品未能解決問題之餘,臉上還長了粒粒呢!

在友人介紹下,選購了施巴 5.5的 "保濕修護霜",暫時捨棄了其他護膚品,每晚洗臉後便只搽它,兩天後,乾燥問題真的解決了!果然真的很保濕啊,所以急不及待要介紹給大家呢!^^


Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng 參蜜綠茶

On one very night, I can't really sleep after I took this "Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng" from McCafe. It does taste good & so I try to buy this to replace my morning coffee instead. It works for me and I think it's a good choice to make me stay awake! Let's try this when you need to stay fresh & awake !

最近比較忙碌,經常睡眠不足,早上起床我會喝一杯咖啡提提神,但晚上便不能喝了,因為會睡不著呢! 有天晚上要吃夜宵,經過 McCafe 買了 "Arizona參蜜綠茶",喝後竟然整晚都很精神,所以早上我改了喝這款綠茶,有提神作用,生津止渴,玻璃瓶又環保,我十分推介! 大家下次走在街上打算買咖啡提神的時候, 不妨試試改喝 "參蜜綠茶" 吧!


Spaghetti With Tomato Soup

I like this spaghetti from Jusco very much! Just needed 7 minutes to cook. Let's make a fast and healthy lunch together!


(1)Put Spaghetti into boiled water with oil & salt. After 5 minutes, put some vegetables if you like. Cook for 2-3 minutes. 先煮滾水,加少許鹽及油,放入快熟意粉煮5分鐘,然後再加入蔬菜煮2-3分鐘,備用,

(2)After that or at the same time, cook a Campbell's Tomato Soup and a can of water with light fire. 之後或同時用慢火煮一罐金寶蕃茄湯加一罐水,

(3)And then put the spaghetti & vegetables into the Tomato Soup and stir it. 湯滾後便放入之前備用的意粉和蔬菜加熱伴均,

(4)'The Vege Spaghetti with Tomato Soup' is done! It's full of Iron & Fiber! 滿載纖維和鐵質的<素菜蕃茄湯意粉>完成了!


Kiehl's x Brad Pitt

I have just found out that Kiehl's is in partnership with Brad Pitt to produce this "Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser".

It is made from 100% biodegradable ingredients. And in 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Bottle. The most important is all of Kiehl's net profits from the sale of this product will support the work of JPF ECO SYSTEMS by Kiehl's and Brad Pitt to maximize awareness of environmental sustainability.

One step to protect our environment! Because of charity and Brad Pitt....What are you waiting for? Let's try!

剛看到 Kiehl's 和畢比特合作推出了這款 "生態還原蘆薈潔膚沐浴露"。它不含人工添加,產品成分更會自動分解,而且包裝瓶是採用100% 循環再生回收塑膠原料 (PCR) 而製成的。

最重要一點呢,是產品純利將會全數捐贈由畢比特所創立的 JPF Eco Systems 基金會,作為促進環境保護之用的! 小小一步便可為地球減少傷害,為環保又為畢仔,還等什麼? 下一支沐浴露就選用它吧!


Anyadharu Incense

A great incense sticks to promo again. They are Sandalwood & Lavender flavour from AnyaDharu. I bought them from the Shop in JJ Market, Bangkok, Thailand.

There are many products, such as Flower Tea, Essences, Candles & ect. Obviously, I got my favourite one, Incense. They smell good & last long. And with a nice packing too! Don't miss this shop when you travel to bangkok next time!
今次又想介紹多一款香薰香給大家,是我近日的新寵 AnyaDharu, 我買了檀香和薰衣草味, 氣味清新自然又持久,而且包裝還十分精美呢! 店內其他產品還有花茶,香薰精油,香薰燭等,下次到曼谷的時候,不妨到這間 JJ Market 分店走一趟吧!


Happy Halloween!! 萬聖節怏樂!!

My Halloween doughnut! Haha....Funny, Yummy & Healthy~
It named "Ms Pumpkin" with sweetie apple inside. Tastes like apple pie.
Sorry to hear that My favourite Krispy Kreme is closing down.
I' m afraid that you only have few weeks time to try it in HKIA branch. Or we have to go to the nearest country Philippines to taste it again in the future.
But anyway, thanks Cal!
我的萬聖節冬甩 "南瓜小姐"! 內裡是蘋果批餡 ! 有趣之餘,美味又健康!
很可惜我喜愛的 Krispy Kreme 即將全線結業了,除了機場分店會多開幾星期之外......


Mentholatum V 樂敦眼藥水

How to take care of your eyes daily?
I would like to use Mentholatum's Eye Drop (V 樂敦眼藥水) to clean my eyes after taking off my contact lenses and remove my eye makeup everyday.

It makes my eyes cool, totally release my tiredness and it's the perfect way to refresh my eyes at night.
By the way, it is not suitable to use more than 4 weeks when opened.


SP 08

Worked for Bloomberg Summer Party 08 in a styling counter~
Did some make up, hair styling for staffs.
What a wonderful sunny day! And I can feel their happiness on family day.
I love my job!


Healthy Heart 心臟健康

picture from

前幾天感到心臟部分有些刺痛,因為有些擔心,所以查看了有關心臟病的醫學資料,在此想和大家分享一下維持心臟健康的生活方式 。

頭昏、心悸、胸悶不適、呼吸短促、心跳不規律、胸痛、重壓感、四肢冰冷。 如有以上徵狀,請盡快做檢查。

日常應減少油炸、內臟、海產等食物。 多攝取蔬菜、水果等高纖維食物,養成定時排便,減少便祕情形。 多食對心臟有益的食物如:全麥、燕麥、糙米、扁豆、洋蔥、蒜頭、菇類、香蔥等。


強度運動 : 騎單車、跳繩、行樓梯、划船、慢跑、爬山、越野滑雪、冰上曲棍球等。 可促進心肺功能,如能持之以恆,對心肺功能的促進最為有效。建議每週從事這類運動3至4次,每次最少30分鐘,即可得到很好的效果。

中強度運動 : 籃球、曲棍球、手球、足球、排球、網球、柔軟體操等。 能促進心肺功能,雖較不激烈,但每周2至4次,每次30分鐘以上,對心肺功能還是有促進的功效。

低強度運動 : 羽毛球、棒球、保齡球、高爾夫球、家務、桌球、社交舞、園藝工作、走路等。 不太激烈或是不持續性的運動,雖然心肺功能的促進有限,但能仍改善肌肉張力,減少精神緊張,消耗多餘的熱量。 其中園藝工作、家事、跳舞等,只要能每天持續做,還是能降低罹患心臟病的機會率。

還記得要定期做身體健康檢查啊! 祝君又靚又健康!


Hair Care Tips 護髮心得

最近天氣開始涼快和有點乾燥, 連帶我自己的頭髮亦有少許頭皮屑和乾燥暗啞呢, 有見及此, 即時查看了有關資料和書籍, 更請教了幾位資深髮型師朋友, 總結了以下心得, 在此想和大家分享一下 :

不論天氣, 最好每天洗髮, 最佳水溫為攝氏38度, 建議用兩次洗髮精, 第一次是清潔頭髮, 第二次則是清潔頭皮, 用手指腹按摩, 切勿用指甲大力抓, 以免抓傷頭皮! 但如果頭髮不是太油膩或太髒的話, 可用一次洗髮精, 主要清潔及按摩頭皮便可, 以免因清洗過量而使頭髮枯乾!
每次洗髮都要用護髮素, 而且要徹底清潔好, 因汗水和濕氣會把殘留在頭髮上的護髮用品溶解到頭皮上, 造成發臭, 發癢, 油膩甚至脫髮!
其實不建議吹髮, 每次只需要吹乾頭皮部份便可, 而且最好分開幾次吹, 因當頭髮遇上100度高溫時, 鱗狀表層便會打開, 如不想髮質變差, 記得還要距離吹風筒10cm或以上啊!
勿常用美髮用品造型, 用強力定型用品後要先使用護髮素軟化髮質, 再照一般程序洗髮, 此外, 勿常大力梳頭和緊扎辮子, 會因拉扯而導致脫髮的呢!


Jurlique Day Cream

The weather is abit cool now! But, I'm in dry combination skin, usually feeling dry after cleaning my face during Autumn. My 2007 X'mas gift "Jurlique Day Care Face Cream" is coming up again to solve my problem.

It's a perfect day cream for me. Especially before I start my makeup. It leaves my skin soft & smooth.

For my friend's case, she applied this cream on her face & shoulder before she went to Tasmania for the rest of the day. During the night, she found out that her ear got sun burnt, but her shoulder are still in a very good condition. She felt that this day cream has a very good effect on sun block.

It has changed its name to "Moisture Replenishing Day Cream" now. Let's try the natural herbal protection!


Quaker Instant Oatmeal

My friend recommended this breakfast to me. This is to help me to keep fit by losing weight everyday. Tastes good and texture like congee.
1. First of all, cut some ham into pieces.

2. And then put ham and some Quaker Instant Oatmeal into a bowl.

3. I would like to put some table salt too.

4. Lastly, add some boiled water and mix them.

This is a very healthy choice for breakfast. Quaker Oatmeal is cholesterol-free and whole grain food. Oats contain soluble fiber that binds with and helps remove some of the cholesterol which can leads to heart disease.


Faces On Your Bed

Would you like to have your own custom made bedsheets? Perhaps, because of my career, anything about wedding will catch my eyes. I saw this funny bedsheet for wedding couple when I was hanging out with a friend.

Digital Wedding Collection is able to print a sweet wedding picture on your bedsheet. Or would you like to make this sweet wedding gift for your friends who about to get married?

Happy Traditional Chinese Custom Wedding image on your bedsheet in your new bedroom? Or custom embroidery names or initials on your bedsheets? Go A-Fontane 雅芳婷 to have a look.

I'd prefered Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel more than my own faces on my bedsheet. ^^"


Iron & Blood

If you keep on feeling tired is not a sickness, but it might be a signal. Maybe because of Hepatitis (肝炎), Nephropathy (腎病) or Iron-deficiency Anemia (缺鐵性貧血).

I have read a health report from Taiwan & a health file from British. Said that most of the Iron inside our body are for producing red blood cells, and can be recycled.

But, some kind of sickness, such as Stomach Ulcer (胃潰瘍), Cystitis (膀胱炎) or when women's period over limit (經血過量), will caused our iron lost and our blood cant be used anymore. So, if we dont have enough iron, it can't produces enough blood for us. Makes us feeling tired and easy to fall sick.

Let's eat more food that contains iron. Such as meat, domestic birds & fish (called 血紅鐵質), they are easy to absorb to our body.

But, some food such as fruits, vegetables & nuts (called 非血紅鐵質), are not easy to absorb by our body. So, we better eat some food with vitamin C, to help us to absorb more iron.
For example :

•A Pea Soup (開邊豌豆湯 - 非血紅鐵質) with Ham (火腿 - 血紅鐵質);

•Oatmeal (強化鐵質的早餐麥片 - 含非血紅鐵質) with an Orange / Grapefruit (鮮橙或西柚 - 維他命C)

•Whole-Wheat Pasta (全麥意粉 - 非血紅鐵質)with Tomato Ketchup (番茄醬 - 維他命C)

By the way, don't drink coffee or tea at once after meal, they are not good to absorb iron. Better to consume it after an hour.

Stay healthy! ^^


GUERLAIN Issima Perfect White C

Sweet gift from a friend, "GUERLAIN Issima Perfect White C Soothing Brightening Mask ". She knows that I like to try new skincare products. Thanks alot, I've got a good result out of this!

Firstly, I like about this is because it's a 2 pieces design. Easy to fit my face. I placed the 1st piece on my eye and nose T zone first, and then place the 2nd piece on my lower face.

After 10 fast minutes, it tuned my face skin lighter & brighter. And Its essential moisture smoothen my skin to a very good texture.

Great! It named right. Such a Brightening Mask! ^^



I prefer alcohol free toner for daily use. But, I like to apply " LANCOME TONIQUE CLARTE Clarifying and Revitalising Lotion " after peeling and deep cleansing mask. It improves my skin look fresher and clarity. And it's a good choice to solve oily skin & big pore problems which is on a reasonable price.

But, according to beauty consultant, this has been discontinued. And replaced by " TONIQUE RADIANCE Clarifying Exfoliating Toner " now.


Silly Thing Opening Party


好good既音樂, 好good既環境, 好good既白酒 & etc.

我參加了一個好成功, 好開心既 Grand Opening~


My Daily Hobby & Job

Reading is my hobby and my daily habit also. It's because of my job needs beauty / trendy updates. All important things are for ladies, such as Makeup, Hair, Fashion, Wedding, Beauty, Keep fit & etc.
Can't take my eyes off books or magazines in my spare time. And I love to share information with friends and blogging.
This month's pick up are : "Wedding de Luxe", "Jessica", "Choc", "Cutie", "Girl", "Milk Magazine" and "Taiwan's Keep Fit Bibble 2008". Mostly bought from 7-11.
Highly recommend "Jessica" & "Keep Fit Bibble 2008".


Milk Deluxe

I don't eat much meat. Prefer to replace it with milk / soy milk and eggs. So I drink milk / soy milk everyday.
Bought 1 pack of "Milk Deluxe" shown with more then 3.3g protein.
I drank it for 2 days and nothing special of its taste. But I had diarrhoea for 2 days....
I think it's a good choice for protein suppliment to our body, if you can take it.
But 1 packing comes with 8 packs from supermarket. Suggest to buy a pack from Circle-K or 7-11 to try first.


NIOXIN Cleanser

My hair fall problem is getting worse in these few months.
My hairstylist friend recommended "NIOXIN Cleanser" to me. It's very famous in the US & Europe.
It provides nourishing Vitamins, Proteins and Amino acids. And it's mint content makes me feel cool when I'm washing my hair! Lesser hair fall on the floor now. It works for me.
If you also have a hair fall problem, let's try it. But I saw it's abit expensive in Macau MOP$268-398! So I suggest all Macau friends to buy it from Hong Kong is much cheaper. Or you can email me for more details.


Ume Plum

Ume / Plum (梅) is very good for our skin and health. Plum has Organic acid (有機酸), Minerals and Vitamin C. It is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. But it's actually originally from China.
In our daily life, we eat meat or fish will have acidic in our blood. I have mentioned in my May's blog "Basic Food vs Acidic Food". Plum is a basic healthy food (鹼性食品), it can naturalised our blood.
  • It makes our appetite better.
  • We can drink some plum juice to cure constipation (便秘).
  • For diarrhoea (腹瀉), we can drink abit of condensed plum juice with hot water.
  • Plum juice also can make you sober when you are drunk.
  • And it's good for our liver.
  • If you catch a cold, drink some hot plum tea (熱梅茶) to recover from headache or sore throat; or warm water with plum vinegar (梅醋) which is also good for sore throat.

By the way, do you know why pregnant women like plum? It's because sour favour will make people feel happy! ^^

Let's add plums to your daily consumption with smile from now on!


Heel Care

Picture from yourfeet .com

A good feet is very important for a whole life long.

For my case, I started taking care of my feet and wear comfortable shoes since my school days. So, I don't have any cracks on my feets. But, then I had a foot spa last year, it causes my heels have hard surfaces. Need to apply lotion every night.

I suggest DO NOT trim or shave if it is not necessary or when you have not try! Especially, like the above grey side. It will make your skin rougher.

Remember to apply lotion right after using the pedicure tool. I like to use the above pink side, or use foot / body scrub.

My steps :
Soak my foot into warm water with sea salt or essential oil for 20 minutes --> Peeling with body scrub or pedicure tool --> wash with warm water --> Apply thick lotion at once --> Massage my foot.

By the way, if you want to have a pair of perfect heels, make sure the shoes fit and dont wear tight shoes.
Let's learn how to give a stress relieving foot massage. Try it yourself and your family! ^^


Dr. Oasis Hydrating Magic Water

Many friends recommended me this and I have seen this product from the magazine before. Now I have "tasted" it by myself.
It provides me enough "water" to hydrate my skin. And it's textures are including oil and water.
Easy to massage and make my skin softer. I apply it before lotion and after toner.