友人強烈推介, 即管捧吓場, 果然幾潤呢! 啱哂晚上開冷氣瞓, 發個好夢~
用了幾天, 本身極乾的皮膚感到滋潤和有彈性, 可惜是不太習慣它.... 真的 "好笠"......始終覺得面珠和枕頭之間的觸感不是很好, 現改在日間不用上妝時使用了!
如不太介意 "笠笠" 的感覺, 確是值得一試的! 有頗明顯的較果~超值超值~ ^.^


DHC - Deep Cleansing Oil

Bad news about using cleansing oil......I understand that using cleansing oil to remove makeup is not so good for skin. But when I was in a rush, I have used it again recently with IPSA, it turns out otherwise.
Unfortunately, DHC's Cleansing Oil is not friendly for me. It makes my forehead (C zone) fill with pores. (look likes syringomas)
So, I stopped using it at once, and my skin turned better after facial treatments.
Luckily, I have not consulted a doctor yet, but I would suggest that; not to try new cleansing oil if the one you are currently applying suits you!


OPI x Shrek

Happy to share my birthday gift here from a nice friend.

OPI joins forces with the release of "DreamWorks Shrek Forever After" , They are offering six unique pastel shades. The same good quality and wonderful colours for this Summer!

Just a small problem from those brushes, they are too small for my large size nails. :p

Check it out from the !!