Spaghetti With Tomato Soup

I like this spaghetti from Jusco very much! Just needed 7 minutes to cook. Let's make a fast and healthy lunch together!


(1)Put Spaghetti into boiled water with oil & salt. After 5 minutes, put some vegetables if you like. Cook for 2-3 minutes. 先煮滾水,加少許鹽及油,放入快熟意粉煮5分鐘,然後再加入蔬菜煮2-3分鐘,備用,

(2)After that or at the same time, cook a Campbell's Tomato Soup and a can of water with light fire. 之後或同時用慢火煮一罐金寶蕃茄湯加一罐水,

(3)And then put the spaghetti & vegetables into the Tomato Soup and stir it. 湯滾後便放入之前備用的意粉和蔬菜加熱伴均,

(4)'The Vege Spaghetti with Tomato Soup' is done! It's full of Iron & Fiber! 滿載纖維和鐵質的<素菜蕃茄湯意粉>完成了!