Iron & Blood

If you keep on feeling tired is not a sickness, but it might be a signal. Maybe because of Hepatitis (肝炎), Nephropathy (腎病) or Iron-deficiency Anemia (缺鐵性貧血).

I have read a health report from Taiwan & a health file from British. Said that most of the Iron inside our body are for producing red blood cells, and can be recycled.

But, some kind of sickness, such as Stomach Ulcer (胃潰瘍), Cystitis (膀胱炎) or when women's period over limit (經血過量), will caused our iron lost and our blood cant be used anymore. So, if we dont have enough iron, it can't produces enough blood for us. Makes us feeling tired and easy to fall sick.

Let's eat more food that contains iron. Such as meat, domestic birds & fish (called 血紅鐵質), they are easy to absorb to our body.

But, some food such as fruits, vegetables & nuts (called 非血紅鐵質), are not easy to absorb by our body. So, we better eat some food with vitamin C, to help us to absorb more iron.
For example :

•A Pea Soup (開邊豌豆湯 - 非血紅鐵質) with Ham (火腿 - 血紅鐵質);

•Oatmeal (強化鐵質的早餐麥片 - 含非血紅鐵質) with an Orange / Grapefruit (鮮橙或西柚 - 維他命C)

•Whole-Wheat Pasta (全麥意粉 - 非血紅鐵質)with Tomato Ketchup (番茄醬 - 維他命C)

By the way, don't drink coffee or tea at once after meal, they are not good to absorb iron. Better to consume it after an hour.

Stay healthy! ^^