Faces On Your Bed

Would you like to have your own custom made bedsheets? Perhaps, because of my career, anything about wedding will catch my eyes. I saw this funny bedsheet for wedding couple when I was hanging out with a friend.

Digital Wedding Collection is able to print a sweet wedding picture on your bedsheet. Or would you like to make this sweet wedding gift for your friends who about to get married?

Happy Traditional Chinese Custom Wedding image on your bedsheet in your new bedroom? Or custom embroidery names or initials on your bedsheets? Go A-Fontane 雅芳婷 to have a look.

I'd prefered Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel more than my own faces on my bedsheet. ^^"


Iron & Blood

If you keep on feeling tired is not a sickness, but it might be a signal. Maybe because of Hepatitis (肝炎), Nephropathy (腎病) or Iron-deficiency Anemia (缺鐵性貧血).

I have read a health report from Taiwan & a health file from British. Said that most of the Iron inside our body are for producing red blood cells, and can be recycled.

But, some kind of sickness, such as Stomach Ulcer (胃潰瘍), Cystitis (膀胱炎) or when women's period over limit (經血過量), will caused our iron lost and our blood cant be used anymore. So, if we dont have enough iron, it can't produces enough blood for us. Makes us feeling tired and easy to fall sick.

Let's eat more food that contains iron. Such as meat, domestic birds & fish (called 血紅鐵質), they are easy to absorb to our body.

But, some food such as fruits, vegetables & nuts (called 非血紅鐵質), are not easy to absorb by our body. So, we better eat some food with vitamin C, to help us to absorb more iron.
For example :

•A Pea Soup (開邊豌豆湯 - 非血紅鐵質) with Ham (火腿 - 血紅鐵質);

•Oatmeal (強化鐵質的早餐麥片 - 含非血紅鐵質) with an Orange / Grapefruit (鮮橙或西柚 - 維他命C)

•Whole-Wheat Pasta (全麥意粉 - 非血紅鐵質)with Tomato Ketchup (番茄醬 - 維他命C)

By the way, don't drink coffee or tea at once after meal, they are not good to absorb iron. Better to consume it after an hour.

Stay healthy! ^^


GUERLAIN Issima Perfect White C

Sweet gift from a friend, "GUERLAIN Issima Perfect White C Soothing Brightening Mask ". She knows that I like to try new skincare products. Thanks alot, I've got a good result out of this!

Firstly, I like about this is because it's a 2 pieces design. Easy to fit my face. I placed the 1st piece on my eye and nose T zone first, and then place the 2nd piece on my lower face.

After 10 fast minutes, it tuned my face skin lighter & brighter. And Its essential moisture smoothen my skin to a very good texture.

Great! It named right. Such a Brightening Mask! ^^



I prefer alcohol free toner for daily use. But, I like to apply " LANCOME TONIQUE CLARTE Clarifying and Revitalising Lotion " after peeling and deep cleansing mask. It improves my skin look fresher and clarity. And it's a good choice to solve oily skin & big pore problems which is on a reasonable price.

But, according to beauty consultant, this has been discontinued. And replaced by " TONIQUE RADIANCE Clarifying Exfoliating Toner " now.


Silly Thing Opening Party


好good既音樂, 好good既環境, 好good既白酒 & etc.

我參加了一個好成功, 好開心既 Grand Opening~


My Daily Hobby & Job

Reading is my hobby and my daily habit also. It's because of my job needs beauty / trendy updates. All important things are for ladies, such as Makeup, Hair, Fashion, Wedding, Beauty, Keep fit & etc.
Can't take my eyes off books or magazines in my spare time. And I love to share information with friends and blogging.
This month's pick up are : "Wedding de Luxe", "Jessica", "Choc", "Cutie", "Girl", "Milk Magazine" and "Taiwan's Keep Fit Bibble 2008". Mostly bought from 7-11.
Highly recommend "Jessica" & "Keep Fit Bibble 2008".


Milk Deluxe

I don't eat much meat. Prefer to replace it with milk / soy milk and eggs. So I drink milk / soy milk everyday.
Bought 1 pack of "Milk Deluxe" shown with more then 3.3g protein.
I drank it for 2 days and nothing special of its taste. But I had diarrhoea for 2 days....
I think it's a good choice for protein suppliment to our body, if you can take it.
But 1 packing comes with 8 packs from supermarket. Suggest to buy a pack from Circle-K or 7-11 to try first.


NIOXIN Cleanser

My hair fall problem is getting worse in these few months.
My hairstylist friend recommended "NIOXIN Cleanser" to me. It's very famous in the US & Europe.
It provides nourishing Vitamins, Proteins and Amino acids. And it's mint content makes me feel cool when I'm washing my hair! Lesser hair fall on the floor now. It works for me.
If you also have a hair fall problem, let's try it. But I saw it's abit expensive in Macau MOP$268-398! So I suggest all Macau friends to buy it from Hong Kong is much cheaper. Or you can email me for more details.