Recently, I have bought a "PUPA MILANO" Cosmetic Gift Set from SaSa and I have tried it. It's incluced:
  • Mini Multiplay - Eye Pencil ---> With a refined texture and soft to the touch. Quick to apply and and quick to blend out with sponge; but I suggest to apply liquid eye liner on the top, to make it more long-lasting.
  • Diva's Lashes - Maxi Volume High Definition Mascara ---> Yes, it's extra black! It makes my lashes look more in quantity and longer; but it's not easy to remove.
  • Lip Prefection Crystal - Lipgloss---> With a thick texture, and it really has a mirror effect! I like it.
  • Professonal - Smoothing Foundation Primer ---> I apply it after lotion and before foundation. It makes my skin looks soft and smooth.


Fantasy - Britney Spears

So happy that I saw my favourite perfume "Fantasy" on my favourite Japan magazine "nadesico April Issue". I want to suggest both of them to you all.
Maybe not so many people like Britney Spears, but this perfume is smelling sweet, not very strong but really long lasting. It's from Calb last year. You can purchase it from any SaSa or Online Shop as well.
Actually, this magazine I have mentioned before last year. It's still on my buying list every month. It's because I like to read their snap shoot. Full of trendy styling accessories. Really Fruitful! You can purchase it from 7-11.


Happy Easter 2009

An Easter Egg Candle which is 17cm tall x 37cm diameter!

3 pumpkin candles with very sweet smell from Ikea.
A nice candle with very details holder.
A very nice lotus candle from FrancFranc which I feel too dearly to burn it
One pair of candles with dry flowers in it. For display only!
Who's Aromist rose candle, it makes my room full of romance smell.

Happy Easter to all beloved readers!

Have become a candle craze lately even before easter. As always I have a fond of these lovely candles. I keep some of them and burn some of the common ones. To save lighting too! I like those with special scents & soothing smell that will keep me resting well & of course keeping the room in great atmosphere! ^0^


Life is Priceless

Went to a special shop in G/F Concord Square, Tsuen Wan lately. I have forgotten the exact shop address, but this mall has only few shops in it, I personally think its not hard to locate it.
This shop is opened by The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association. And it's a non-profit business which is created for those patients to work in & create miracles. Such a warm place feels like a Sunday Market elsewhere. All of the products are from donations or recyclable products.
Whatever you want to buy or to donate some new old stocks for them to sell. You can visit them to support these kids who are hard working for their lives! Or please contact their office at Flat F 20/F Phase 2 Tsuen Wan Industrial Centre or call them at 2404 0607.
Let's do something meaningful! Love is giving and sharing!