IPSA Cleansing Oil

Tried IPSA Cleansing Oil and with a good result!
Just apply it on my dry face, massage for awhile, and rinse with water! Feels clean and will not leave any oily texture. Subsequently, I will clean my face with cleansing milk after that.
But DON'T use it with wet hand, that would not make it effective.
It's another good choice for your makeup removal!



最近香港的天氣反覆又潮濕, 經常頭痛作感冒, 曾經試過食西藥, 但確實治標唔治本, 成日口乾乾咁......

細細個成日聽到廣告話 : "源吉林茶零舍好!" 於是買幾包試一試, 好方便, 用滾水焗一陣就飲得啦!
食滯左既朋友又可以飲! 感冒既朋友又可以飲, 但請加生薑及生蔥, 落埋紫蘇葉更佳!

飲左之後果然成個人舒服哂! 唔單止無再口乾乾, 而且仲好精神添!難怪賣到今時今日依然咁多人信賴呢~ 我好鍾意佢既 packing 呀!! :p

(p.s. 小兒, 孕婦, 患病長者請先查詢醫生啊!)