Get Stunning With Hair Curler

Some of my friends don't really know how to use hair curler. Which directions? How much hair to curl? Let's have a look at this professional demostrations.

Start from 1/3 of hair that you grab = 80 % of curl you get.

Start from 1/2 of hair that you grab = 50 % of curl you get.


Venus Twins

"Venus Cacao Softening shaving Mousse & Moisturizing After Shave Cream".
They are my good partners during summer. I love it's choco smell & great textures.
There's a plastic shaver that comes with it but it doesn't work on me, so I used with normal commercial shaver after shower. The After Shave Cream is abit oily but it smoothen my skin.
You can purchased them from any Sasa outlets.


Boric Acid Solution

An old schoolmate introduced me "Boric Acid Solution" (For external use only, not for taken.) when I was in highschool. It works on many of my friend's skin already! Unfortunately, now is my turn to use it. I was sick for 2 weeks, took many medicines because of bad excretion. My face is full of pores!
Well, just apply it on skin with cotton after cleansing. Twice a day, I used 3 days & feel better now.
Hope that neither of you in need, but it's a good choice when you don't need to apply pores cream all over your face. :P


Clean Your Face After Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil is very easy to clean, I have used products from Shu Uemura, Fancl, SK-II & Kesalan Patheran.
But one of my friend told me that she only uses cleansing oil to remove makeup! Is there anyone of you also using it like this? After cleansing oil, we have to use cleanser to wash our face to rinse all the makeup's chemical and oil. Otherwise, the oil will stay in our skin & making it worse.

Let's review the right steps :

1) Apply eyes & lips makeup remover with cotton to clean our eyes & lips. (For mascara, place cotton on eye for 10 seconds first.)

2) Cleansing oil to massage our face & rinse it with water.

3) Cleanser or cleansing milk to wash our face.

4) Use some cotton with toner to wipe our face till the cotton is clean.

5) Apply your beauty products.


The Food Guide Pyramid

Picture from

I want to share my experience about food pyramid. My flavour have changed. Something I didn't like to eat but now I will. And the main problem is there are many side effects & really getting fatter....
My meals :
From low fat milk to 100% fat milk = Weighting.
From no animal skin to Chicken skin = Fat, for sure!
From chocolate cakes to many chocolate bars = Getting fatter.
From vegetables in every meal to lesser vegetables = Bad excretion.
From no spicy food to spicy food = Bad skin.
I'm following the food pyramid to eat now. Hope you will also! ^^


Keep Weight With Calories

Average calories chart from statcan

19 - 50 years old adults need 1800 - 2700 calories per day to keep fit. But if you do have 25o calories more each day for a month, you will gain an extra 1kg on weight. On the other hand, if you have less than 250 calories per day for a month, you will lose 1kg on weight.
But, don't try to have less than 1000 calories per day. Health is important, don't be a stubborn diet person. Let's plan your meal with calories.

And some rules for your daily meal :

1 :Have your meal on time.
2 :No suppers or junk food.
3 :8-10 glasses of water.
4 :400g of vegetables or an apple
5 :No deep fried food, egg york or oily food.
6 :Enjoy your food slowly.
7 :Step by step : from vegetables to meat.
8 :Eat less meat & replace by beancurd or fishes.
Change your food habit & lifestyle to keep fit & health. When there's a will, There's a way.


DIY Fruits Masks

Let's DIY some fresh mask at home!
Mix all of the ingredients with a spoon, then apply the starch of mixture on your face, cover with a mask paper and wait for 10 minutes, rinse with water. That's it!
Simple, easy & convenient. ^^

For Dry Skin
1/2 Banana
1/4 Avocado
3 slices of Melons
1 drop of Rosewood essential oil
For Oily Skin
3-4 Strawberries
3 slices of Cucumbers
1 slice of Watermelon
1/2 Orange
For Combination Skin

1/2 Avocado

1 drop of Rose essential oil


Maybelline Make Up Remover

Maybelline Eyes & Lips Make Up Remover.
Just shake it before used, put on a cotton to remove eye makeup with oil & liquid mixture.
It's not too oily but very clean. You can purchase it from any Sa Sa.
Thanks to Candy! ^^



Highly recommended "THE MAKING OF" written by Janae.
All about her modelling life, makeup style, skincare tips & etc.
Included a VCD of her on the know how to makeup!
( By the way, remember to keep your receipt for BeautyTech's makeup class. )


KINEPIN Eyebrow Guide

I'm suprised to see this accessory from "KINEPIN Manicure & beauty group" in a beauty shop at Kwun Tong. A very interesting eyebrow guide to trim & cut eyebrow to make them clean & balance easily. I've forgotten the shop's name, just remember the location.
Welcome to e-mail me if you want to know more information. ^^
By the way, KINEPIN's eyelashes curler is very famous. You can purchase from Angels Cosmetics.


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