Kiehl's lip balm

Kiehl's lip balm. Mine is "HUE No. 30G". with light cherry colour and SPF 15. It protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. And the colour is very natural, it replaces my lip stick + lip gloss. ^^
And it's better then the original one, which have to apply with fingers or blush. Now it's more easy to apply on lip directly with this lip balm.


Honey Soap

I think most of us are using foam soap now, but I have to say more about this honey soap which is made in Japan. It's good for F/W dry weather, you will not feel dry and tight after you washed your hands.
Let's feel the honey and the sweetness. You can get it at Jusco $10 Plaza. Comes with 2 in a pack.


Save our environment

Give your hands to the Earth. Just do some small little things, turns out to be big help! ^^ I understand that is hard to change our lives, but some easy ways can save the environment if everyone can do the same.

1: Don't take extra plastic bags while shopping and don't buy plastic bottles drinks, even if you do, recycle it. Don't take one-time-use cutleries when you buy take-away meal back home.

2: Just open the curtain and window! Think twice before you turn on the lights or switch on the air-conditioner.

3: Please switch off all the power when you dont need it. (e.g. computers, chargers, toilet lights, TVs & etc.)

4: Save water, a fast shower is better than a bath and please close the water tap during/when you are brushing teeth.

5: Separate the rubbish/garbage accordingly and put it into recycle bins near your home.

6: Keep some recycle papers to replace the cutie note pads & don't use gift wrapers and don't use too much tissues, use towels or hand dryer to dry your hands.

7: Buy family packing products to save materials & please use till you finished. And don't use beauty products with animals testing.

8: Don't eat shark fins. Save the shark's life and save the ocean's environment.

9: Take public transports when you go out or you can car pool.

All of the above are something I'm doing it in my daily life, and my friends are doing it as well. There are more and more things we can do! Would you please help to save the environment with us? ^^


From Summer to Autumn *Tips for better skin*

Every year, in this period from Summer to Autumn, my lips and skin will turn dry, senstive and even crack. So here I want to share my own experience and tips, about how to solve this kind of problems:

1: Drink more water with mixture of honey. (It works! especially drink before you sleep every night.)

2: Apply lotion asap when you dry your body after shower / bath. (It means to absorb the amount of water by lotion.)

3: Eat a bit of spicy food when you feel your skin is getting too dry. Because this will make your blood circulation well and will make you drink more water also! ^^ )

4: When my leg is too dry & itchy (at times it will crack), i will mix some brown sugar with warm water to do a foot bath.

5: Finally, dont forget to apply more cream on your neck and hands before sleep, even when you don't need it during summer season. If you dont special care on this, your hands and neck will appear wrinkles or turn into a more worse condition after the dry season.

All of the above are my own experiences. It works for me, hope it works on you too!


My Lunch - Vermicelli With Chicken Wings

This is my lunch today. Sau Tao QQ Vermicelli (Abalone & Chicken Soup Flavoured) with Home-Made Marinated Chicken Wings.

This vermicelli is low fat & low calories, it is made from Green Bean, Pea & Water. It has 0.4% of Calcium and only 9% of Cholesterol. Sau Tao QQ can be purchased at any supermarkets near you.

Vermicelli is a much more healthy as compared to any other instant noodles. Other healthy tips? Don't forget to add some vegetables into your every meal.


Vitasoy Organic Soya Drink

VITASOY Organic Soya Drink. Great! This was my first try on this soya drink. Taste good & creamy. Thicker than milk, nice to go with cereals & cornflakes. I bought it from Wellcome Super Market. Let's try it. ^^

It is made from organic whole soybean, organic raw sugar and organic pearl barley flour. Free from artificial sweeteners, colours & flavours. No preservatives added.

Drinking soybean is a bit better than drinking milk, Lower fat and lower calories.

For more details of Soy Milk vs. Cow's Milk :

Doan's Ointment

I highly recommend this Doan's Ointment. It's for antiseptic, soothing and healing. I used on my face before for acne. It's works and not costly. It is also suitable for cuts, minor burns. For instructions of usage, just apply this ointment directly on.
This is the packaging
Manufactured by Medipharma Ltd HK. You can purchase this ointment at any registered pharmacies.


Love Psychedelico

It's been a long time since i last heard Love Psychedelico. A Japanese Band by Kumi & Naoki. They started back in 1997. The last album 『LOVE PSYCHEDELICO III』& the last single『fantastic world』in 2004. It was 3 years ago
.....and now they are back again! ^^

Got the lastest album, GOLDEN GRAPEFRUIT

One CD & one DVD with cutie MV (I like 'Aha!' & 'Rain')

There are many nice pictures inside the record