Happy Halloween!! 萬聖節怏樂!!

My Halloween doughnut! Haha....Funny, Yummy & Healthy~
It named "Ms Pumpkin" with sweetie apple inside. Tastes like apple pie.
Sorry to hear that My favourite Krispy Kreme is closing down.
I' m afraid that you only have few weeks time to try it in HKIA branch. Or we have to go to the nearest country Philippines to taste it again in the future.
But anyway, thanks Cal!
我的萬聖節冬甩 "南瓜小姐"! 內裡是蘋果批餡 ! 有趣之餘,美味又健康!
很可惜我喜愛的 Krispy Kreme 即將全線結業了,除了機場分店會多開幾星期之外......