Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng 參蜜綠茶

On one very night, I can't really sleep after I took this "Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng" from McCafe. It does taste good & so I try to buy this to replace my morning coffee instead. It works for me and I think it's a good choice to make me stay awake! Let's try this when you need to stay fresh & awake !

最近比較忙碌,經常睡眠不足,早上起床我會喝一杯咖啡提提神,但晚上便不能喝了,因為會睡不著呢! 有天晚上要吃夜宵,經過 McCafe 買了 "Arizona參蜜綠茶",喝後竟然整晚都很精神,所以早上我改了喝這款綠茶,有提神作用,生津止渴,玻璃瓶又環保,我十分推介! 大家下次走在街上打算買咖啡提神的時候, 不妨試試改喝 "參蜜綠茶" 吧!


Spaghetti With Tomato Soup

I like this spaghetti from Jusco very much! Just needed 7 minutes to cook. Let's make a fast and healthy lunch together!


(1)Put Spaghetti into boiled water with oil & salt. After 5 minutes, put some vegetables if you like. Cook for 2-3 minutes. 先煮滾水,加少許鹽及油,放入快熟意粉煮5分鐘,然後再加入蔬菜煮2-3分鐘,備用,

(2)After that or at the same time, cook a Campbell's Tomato Soup and a can of water with light fire. 之後或同時用慢火煮一罐金寶蕃茄湯加一罐水,

(3)And then put the spaghetti & vegetables into the Tomato Soup and stir it. 湯滾後便放入之前備用的意粉和蔬菜加熱伴均,

(4)'The Vege Spaghetti with Tomato Soup' is done! It's full of Iron & Fiber! 滿載纖維和鐵質的<素菜蕃茄湯意粉>完成了!


Kiehl's x Brad Pitt

I have just found out that Kiehl's is in partnership with Brad Pitt to produce this "Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser".

It is made from 100% biodegradable ingredients. And in 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Bottle. The most important is all of Kiehl's net profits from the sale of this product will support the work of JPF ECO SYSTEMS by Kiehl's and Brad Pitt to maximize awareness of environmental sustainability.

One step to protect our environment! Because of charity and Brad Pitt....What are you waiting for? Let's try!

剛看到 Kiehl's 和畢比特合作推出了這款 "生態還原蘆薈潔膚沐浴露"。它不含人工添加,產品成分更會自動分解,而且包裝瓶是採用100% 循環再生回收塑膠原料 (PCR) 而製成的。

最重要一點呢,是產品純利將會全數捐贈由畢比特所創立的 JPF Eco Systems 基金會,作為促進環境保護之用的! 小小一步便可為地球減少傷害,為環保又為畢仔,還等什麼? 下一支沐浴露就選用它吧!


Anyadharu Incense

A great incense sticks to promo again. They are Sandalwood & Lavender flavour from AnyaDharu. I bought them from the Shop in JJ Market, Bangkok, Thailand.

There are many products, such as Flower Tea, Essences, Candles & ect. Obviously, I got my favourite one, Incense. They smell good & last long. And with a nice packing too! Don't miss this shop when you travel to bangkok next time!
今次又想介紹多一款香薰香給大家,是我近日的新寵 AnyaDharu, 我買了檀香和薰衣草味, 氣味清新自然又持久,而且包裝還十分精美呢! 店內其他產品還有花茶,香薰精油,香薰燭等,下次到曼谷的時候,不妨到這間 JJ Market 分店走一趟吧!


Happy Halloween!! 萬聖節怏樂!!

My Halloween doughnut! Haha....Funny, Yummy & Healthy~
It named "Ms Pumpkin" with sweetie apple inside. Tastes like apple pie.
Sorry to hear that My favourite Krispy Kreme is closing down.
I' m afraid that you only have few weeks time to try it in HKIA branch. Or we have to go to the nearest country Philippines to taste it again in the future.
But anyway, thanks Cal!
我的萬聖節冬甩 "南瓜小姐"! 內裡是蘋果批餡 ! 有趣之餘,美味又健康!
很可惜我喜愛的 Krispy Kreme 即將全線結業了,除了機場分店會多開幾星期之外......