30 minutes DIY Lip Balm 潤唇膏

I would like to introduce a DIY lip balm method to you. Just need less than 30 minutes to make a new way to protect your lips during this dry weather!
在這乾燥的天氣,真的要好好保護櫻唇呢! 今天介紹大家一種簡單 DIY 潤唇膏的方法,只需幾個步驟, 不消 30 分鐘便擁有自家製的潤唇膏了!

1 tea spoon 100% Aloe Gel 一茶匙純蘆薈膠
1/2 tea spoon Cocunut Oil 半茶匙椰油
1 tea spoon Vaseline 一茶匙凡士林

Mix them all and put into the Microwave for 30 seconds to a minute, until the Coconut Oil melted.
三種材料混合後,用微波爐高溫加熱 30 秒 - 1 分鐘,至椰油融化,
Wait for 10 - 20 minutes to let it cool down.
大約等待 10 - 20 分鐘冷卻便完成,
 You can put it in any little box when it is cooler!