Ume Plum

Ume / Plum (梅) is very good for our skin and health. Plum has Organic acid (有機酸), Minerals and Vitamin C. It is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. But it's actually originally from China.
In our daily life, we eat meat or fish will have acidic in our blood. I have mentioned in my May's blog "Basic Food vs Acidic Food". Plum is a basic healthy food (鹼性食品), it can naturalised our blood.
  • It makes our appetite better.
  • We can drink some plum juice to cure constipation (便秘).
  • For diarrhoea (腹瀉), we can drink abit of condensed plum juice with hot water.
  • Plum juice also can make you sober when you are drunk.
  • And it's good for our liver.
  • If you catch a cold, drink some hot plum tea (熱梅茶) to recover from headache or sore throat; or warm water with plum vinegar (梅醋) which is also good for sore throat.

By the way, do you know why pregnant women like plum? It's because sour favour will make people feel happy! ^^

Let's add plums to your daily consumption with smile from now on!


Heel Care

Picture from yourfeet .com

A good feet is very important for a whole life long.

For my case, I started taking care of my feet and wear comfortable shoes since my school days. So, I don't have any cracks on my feets. But, then I had a foot spa last year, it causes my heels have hard surfaces. Need to apply lotion every night.

I suggest DO NOT trim or shave if it is not necessary or when you have not try! Especially, like the above grey side. It will make your skin rougher.

Remember to apply lotion right after using the pedicure tool. I like to use the above pink side, or use foot / body scrub.

My steps :
Soak my foot into warm water with sea salt or essential oil for 20 minutes --> Peeling with body scrub or pedicure tool --> wash with warm water --> Apply thick lotion at once --> Massage my foot.

By the way, if you want to have a pair of perfect heels, make sure the shoes fit and dont wear tight shoes.
Let's learn how to give a stress relieving foot massage. Try it yourself and your family! ^^


Dr. Oasis Hydrating Magic Water

Many friends recommended me this and I have seen this product from the magazine before. Now I have "tasted" it by myself.
It provides me enough "water" to hydrate my skin. And it's textures are including oil and water.
Easy to massage and make my skin softer. I apply it before lotion and after toner.


Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask

"Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask with red clay" from Beauty Boutique. It makes my skin smooth and clean.
For me, the result is better than many deep cleansing masks.
Apply it on cleaned face for about 5 minutes and rinse it with warm water.
Fast & easy, right?
My steps with this mask :
Cleansing Milk --> Radiant Glow Express Mask --> Toner --> Essential --> Lotion


Bioderma Sensidio H2O

A must buy item: BIODERMA Sensidio H2O! It helps me to remove my makeup easily & very clean. Use it with cotton to remove, and I can see no more foundation on my face. In addition, I will clean my face again with cleanser after that. ^^

Do you have a habit to wash face every morning? It is convenient for my morning skin care. Just wipe it to clean my face and I can do my makeup. It saves my time too!

You can purchase it in many locations.


以化妝棉沾上適量潔膚水直接抹去面上化妝及污垢,無須再以清水洗 (眼部除外)


Party Time Bubble Bath

Bought this "Party Time Bubble Bath" from Francfranc.
I like its blueberry smell. Other choices like Strawberry and Lavendar are good also.
But I didn't open this "champagne" yet. It's very cute!


Dr. Oasis Mask

"Dr. Oasis Deep Moisturizing Essence Mask" (千杯水保濕精華面膜 ) from Japan.
With natural essence of snow lotus (雪蓮) , green tea, seaweed (海藻) & premium collagen.
It's great! I tried it last night and can't wait to show you at once! It nourishes well and restores my skin with instant radiance.
Just spread the mask on cleansed face for 15-20 minutes and massage the remaining essence 1-2 minutes after removing.

You will feel the magic!


Using a Mascara

Now and then, many friends have asked me, what is the correct way to use a mascara. I will show them how to use it face to face. Today, I have found an easy way to show you how, a very clear demostration by Chanel. Let's have a look! (Please keep your eyes on the fingers)
In additional, I would say please move your mascara brush "Z" when you apply it. Just move your hand a bit to the left & right while you applying mascara. It's much more effective.
By the way, please take your time to wait for the mascara to dry. The result would not be good if your mascara drip on anywhere else beside your lashes. Especially when you are using a mascara base, apply the mascara after the base is fully dry, or you will get some "dust" on your eye lashes.
A right step, looks good & save time! ^^


Pros & Cons of Eating Yoghurt

Yoghurt (乳酪) is produced by lactose (乳糖) & lactic acid (乳酸). Rich in protein, calcium, magnesium (鎂), phosphorous (磷), potassium (鉀) and vitamin A, B1, B2, B12. It's good for our beauty & health!
Remember to choose some stated with "live & active cultures " (活性乳酸菌). Good for our digestion.
But many yoghurt products which contain high calories and sugar, it's not for keeping fit. According to the Food Standards Agency (英國食品標準局), If every 100g food have more than 10g sugar means too much sugar. It causes fat. Not to be consumed by people who has diabetes (糖尿病), better to choose "sugar free yoghurt".
We have to eat it cool, not to be heated. And don't eat it with luncheon meat, sausages or hams. Because of their saltpeter (硝) & amine (胺) will become nitrosamine (亞硝胺) chemically. It will cause cancer.
And it's not suitable to eat with cabbage also. Because of oxalic acid (草酸), it will cause lithiasis (尿路結石).
Eat right, stay healthy!


Aloe Shower Mask

Today I want to introduce "Aloe Shower Mask " by JAPAN GALS co.,ltd.
Soft paper mask made in Japan with high quality pure cotton. It's also popular in Taiwan & China.
With organic Aloe Vera, it is suitable for all skin types and all seasons.
30 sheets packing with zip lock and to be used within 45days. Once I opened it, I will use it everyday or every other day to recover my dry skin, even after suntan during summer. I keep it in refridgerator before use to keep it cool! ^^


Bioscreen Whitening

Tried "Bioscreen Whitening Radiant Cleanser" & "Radiant Toner" with my dear sister.
It's a silky cleansing milk & alcohol-free toner that makes your skin smooth and supple.
It really has the whitening result & brightens my face.
But not suitable for makeup removal. We would suggest to use after cleansing oil.


Anna Sui Super Mascara Long Lash

It makes eye lashes long & lasting!

My friend Natalie recommended me "ANNA SUI Super Mascara Long Lash" (black #001).
Do not need any base, just apply it twice and you will have long natural eye lashes in a second. It's easy to use & carry around.