Ume Plum

Ume / Plum (梅) is very good for our skin and health. Plum has Organic acid (有機酸), Minerals and Vitamin C. It is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. But it's actually originally from China.
In our daily life, we eat meat or fish will have acidic in our blood. I have mentioned in my May's blog "Basic Food vs Acidic Food". Plum is a basic healthy food (鹼性食品), it can naturalised our blood.
  • It makes our appetite better.
  • We can drink some plum juice to cure constipation (便秘).
  • For diarrhoea (腹瀉), we can drink abit of condensed plum juice with hot water.
  • Plum juice also can make you sober when you are drunk.
  • And it's good for our liver.
  • If you catch a cold, drink some hot plum tea (熱梅茶) to recover from headache or sore throat; or warm water with plum vinegar (梅醋) which is also good for sore throat.

By the way, do you know why pregnant women like plum? It's because sour favour will make people feel happy! ^^

Let's add plums to your daily consumption with smile from now on!