Live 8

Live 8, in 8 countries. Germeny, Canada, Japan, Italy, England, US, France & Russia. 9 concerts with 1000 artists. Like Cold Play, Green Day, Madonna, Maroon 5, Bjork, Bon Jovi, Shakira & etc. Same time same day, one concert in one world! Just want to pass the message : Make poverty history.
It's a 4 DVD set which produced on 2nd July 2005.
I love it! Thanks Cal~


PowerBar - Performance

Tried this PowerBar for my night ride. It's low in fat and just with 230-240 calories per bar.
Well, it's so sweet & really made me feel full. ^^
Thanks Kwong @ Bicycle World!
You can puchase it at sports / bicycle shops.


Let's do some charity! 四川賑災義賣

地 點: 香港天文學會辦事處
電 話:2547-4543

Lids 義賣
地 點: 請於商鋪查詢

【四川賑災義賣】 Ciclosport 運動手錶
日 期: 2008年5月20日至24日
時 間: 下午6:30至10:30
地 點: 九龍灣運動場

日 期: 2008年5月24日(星期六) 11:00am
地 點: 郵政總局一樓櫃位大堂

2008 年5月22日(星期四) 時間:中午 12:00 至 晚上 7:00    
2008 年5月23日(星期五) 時間:中午 12:00 至 晚上 7:00  
2008 年5月24日(星期六) 時間:上午 10:00 至 晚上 7:00    
2008 年5月25日(星期日) 時間:上午 10:00 至 晚上 7:00

地點:1. 銅鑼灣羅素街行人專用區
2. 銅鑼灣地鐵站F出口
3. 銅鑼灣東角道(近怡和街)


Unique Eye Contour

"Unique" is not a well known brand. My mentor recommended "Unique Drops Power" when I was studying makeup 7 years ago. It's really a great makeup base with low cost.
Thank God I found "Unique Eye Contour" in Bonjour last week. I trusted this brand. It's suitable for all sensitive skin. It's for my eye makeup base now, and it helps me to reduce fine lines, dark circles & puffiness.


Aqueous Cream BP

My friend recommended me to use "Aqueous Cream BP" after shower to replace my body lotion.
It's a light, non-greasy moisturiser that provides a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface.
Aqueous cream can also be used in place of soap when washing to prevent drying the skin. Use within 3 months of initial opening!

Makeup & Hair Demostration

It's my pleasure to be a Bridal Makeup & Hair Stylist to do a demostration represented Make Up For Ever for a Wedding Expo. I specially enjoyed the Q & A session for guests & attendees.
Thanks to my model -- Eve, appreciate it!


Help Sichuan Earthquake Victims

Please help Sichuan Earthquake Victims by online donation!

Hong Kong Red Cross Online Donation Page is under urgent maintenance. Service will be resumed on 16 May 2008, 9:00 a.m. 香港紅十字會 「網上捐款」網頁現正在進行緊急維修,服務將延遲於2008年5月16日上午9時正分恢復,

You could donate directly through the following bank accounts of our “Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund” 可將捐款直接存入下列「香港紅十字會中國賑災金」戶口:

滙豐銀行 HSBC : (004)-567-650155-016

恒生銀行 Hang Seng Bank :(024)-267-175123-001

中國銀行 Bank of China :(012)-806-0-000161-7

東亞銀行 Bank of East Asia :(015)-514-40-39966-3

Or send a crossed cheque with the payee name “Hong Kong Red Cross China Relief Fund” to the International & Relief Service Department, Hong Kong Red Cross at 33 Harcout Road, Hong Kong. 或以劃線支票:抬頭「香港紅十字會中國賑災金」寄回香港夏慤道33 號香港紅十字會國際及賑災服務部。

Or donate with cash through 7-eleven stores . You just simply indicate “Hong Kong Red Cross” as beneficiary organization. 亦可到全港各 7-11 便利店,以現金捐款。捐款時請註明捐予香港紅十字會。

查詢熱線 Donation Hotline : 852-2802-0021

More news about Earthquake in Sichuan China



Faddy Molding Clay

Something new that I found out recently, it's "Faddy Molding Clay."
My first time to use IDA products. It's easy to style & easy to wash!
It suits to create excellent definition of short hair & to separate and enhance the layers of long curly hair.


Fresh Fruits & Juices

Fresh fruits and fruit juices are the easiest digested food, because of their very own simple way and people do not have to spend a lot of energy to digest it. Therefore nutritions, often called "fruits" as "the best basic food," & "the most natural medicines."

Britain's Health Department quoted : Juices on the lifting of excessive tension and decomposition of toxins, purifying the body, heart diseases, obesities, rheumatism & high blood pressure, with effectiveness. If drink 1000-1500 cc of juices daily, it will be able to get good health results.
Let's start your habit of drinking fresh fruit juices now! ^^


Aquamoist Moisturizing Mask

Yes yes, Aquamoist again. But I highly recommend this mask for all types of skin.
It really works for my dry skin after my trip.
Let's try it by yourself twice a week.
I bought it from an outlet. It's a low cost & lazy choice. ^^


Basic Food vs Acidic Food

Highly recommend to eat more basic food. Because the blood of babies & healthy peoples are in weak alkaline condition, which is about PH7.35 ~ 7.45. Acid-base imbalance affecting gastrointestinal. Therefore, to make basic constitution of the weak is the first step away from the disease.

Strong basic food : Grapes, Tea, Kelp buds, Kelp & etc. In particular, is rich in natural chlorophyll-green algae, is a good basic health food and tea should not be excessive, the best time to drink during the morning.

Basic food : Dried carrots, Soybeans, Carrots, Tomatoes, Bananas, Oranges, Pumpkins, Strawberries, Egg white, Meigan, Lemon, Spinach & etc.
中鹼性食品:蘿蔔乾、大豆、紅蘿蔔、蕃茄、香蕉、橘子、南瓜、草莓, 蛋白、梅乾、檸檬、菠菜等。

Weak basic food : Red beans, Apples, Cabbage, Onions, Tofu & etc.
But, if you are having indigestion or in circumstances of poor health, should avoid the following acidic food:

Strong acid food : Egg yolks, Cheese, Dessert with white sugar, Persimmon & etc.

Acidic food : Ham, Bacon, Chicken, Tuna fish, Pork, Eel, Beef, Bread, Wheat, Butter & etc.
中酸性食品:火腿、培根、雞肉、鮪魚、豬肉、鰻魚、牛肉、麵包、 小麥、奶油等。

Weak acid food : Rice, groundnuts, Beer, Wine, Fried tofu, Seaweed, Clams, Octopus & etc.


Mona Pure Glycerine Oil

What is that? What is it for?'s my hand mask.
A good friend taught me to do this 5 years ago.
Just mix glycerine oil with white suger, massage hands untill all suger melted. Rinse with warm water and apply a thick layer of hand cream, cover hands with plastic wrapper for a quarter. Once a week. You will see and feel a pairs of smooth hands. ^^