Heel Care

Picture from yourfeet .com

A good feet is very important for a whole life long.

For my case, I started taking care of my feet and wear comfortable shoes since my school days. So, I don't have any cracks on my feets. But, then I had a foot spa last year, it causes my heels have hard surfaces. Need to apply lotion every night.

I suggest DO NOT trim or shave if it is not necessary or when you have not try! Especially, like the above grey side. It will make your skin rougher.

Remember to apply lotion right after using the pedicure tool. I like to use the above pink side, or use foot / body scrub.

My steps :
Soak my foot into warm water with sea salt or essential oil for 20 minutes --> Peeling with body scrub or pedicure tool --> wash with warm water --> Apply thick lotion at once --> Massage my foot.

By the way, if you want to have a pair of perfect heels, make sure the shoes fit and dont wear tight shoes.
Let's learn how to give a stress relieving foot massage. Try it yourself and your family! ^^