Revlon & Cutex

I have used many many brands of nail remover in the past 8 years.
REVLON & CUTEX are my choices usually.
They clean easily! Work for very dark colours nail polish and even with stickers.


Mascara Combo

Went to buy Maybelline "eye & lip makeup remover" replacement yesterday. I found this new package with "Unstoppable Shiny Black Mascara".
Will try and review it to you soon! ^^


July's Magazines Pick Up

Highly remommended "JESSICA Dream Wedding" to all brides! Must buy!
I like the snap shots and the hot items mix & match of "nadesico"
"B&H" gots all updated of Makeup & Health.


Different Sports With Different Kilojoules

Play sports to keep Fit?

Do you know how many energy will you spend in every minute?

Kilojoule (kJ) is an SI unit of energy.
1 kJ equal to 239.005736 calories.

Badminton is about 20kJ
Walking is about 21kJ
Tennis is about 15-37kJ
is about 20-30kJ
Jogging is about 40-48kJ
Swimming is about 33kJ
Basketball is about 29kJ

Let's calculate and stay healthy now! ^^


Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler (EH2351AC). Easy to use & safe.
Just click the button and wait for a second, until the heat indicator shown in pink colour, put it on eye lashes, comb and hold for few seconds. Done! ^^
And it has a "safety button", you can't cover it if you don't off the power.
Let's have a look at any Panasonic shops.


Beauty Care x Menstrual Cycle

picture form

Many girls know, there are 4 periods of our menstrual cycle. Menstruation, Follicular phase, Ovulation & Luteal phase . At the same time, they are important periods of our skin also. Let's catch the right time to do our skin care!

  • Menstruation (The 1st - 5th /6th day) :

Our hormones distribution & body temperature are very low, so our skin will turn into a tired period.

We need to keep our weak skin in water moisturised. And it's a good time to take care our black eye circle.

  • Follicular phase (Between the 6th - 17th day) :

In a high female hormones distribution period, this is the strongest time of our prefect skin.

We can do more whitening mask. And it's the right time to try some new or rich products.

  • Luteal phase (After ovulation, around the 15th day untill the next cycle day) :

The highest male hormones & LH period after ovulation. Our weak skin become oily & easy to get pores.

We have to use oil controling products, some nourish products, peeling & deep cleansing mask. But don't change our beauty products at this moment.


Fasio Hyper-Stay Mascara

Big surprise! Big surprise! Fasio "Hyper-Stay Mascara - Curl long" by KOSE.
It really makes my eye lashes curler & longer. Better than many expensive well known brands.
There is only one disadvantage is hard to remove. But it's worth to take more time to clean, it's indeed long lasting for the whole day.
You can purchase it from many places in Hong Kong & Macau.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Not a new stuff, I have used "The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil " for over 10 years. Cause I don't need it usually, but it works for me whenever I have pores. Just apply it with cotton butt after cleaning. The annoying pores will disappear the next day. Better than many pores cream I have used.
And it has other products, such as Facial Wash, Mattifying Moisture Gel , Facial Scrub & etc.