Happy 2009

Here comes 2009, I would like to wish all family & friends a Happy New Year & All The Best in your future undertakings!


30 minutes DIY Lip Balm 潤唇膏

I would like to introduce a DIY lip balm method to you. Just need less than 30 minutes to make a new way to protect your lips during this dry weather!
在這乾燥的天氣,真的要好好保護櫻唇呢! 今天介紹大家一種簡單 DIY 潤唇膏的方法,只需幾個步驟, 不消 30 分鐘便擁有自家製的潤唇膏了!

1 tea spoon 100% Aloe Gel 一茶匙純蘆薈膠
1/2 tea spoon Cocunut Oil 半茶匙椰油
1 tea spoon Vaseline 一茶匙凡士林

Mix them all and put into the Microwave for 30 seconds to a minute, until the Coconut Oil melted.
三種材料混合後,用微波爐高溫加熱 30 秒 - 1 分鐘,至椰油融化,
Wait for 10 - 20 minutes to let it cool down.
大約等待 10 - 20 分鐘冷卻便完成,
 You can put it in any little box when it is cooler!


Cyber Port

看看我們扎糉咁在 Cyber Port 岸邊吹風和超薄雪紡春裝的強烈對比O......
在此向所有專業模特兒致敬! ! ^^"


Merry X'mas!!

Thanks for your support.
Wish all you guys a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Beauty & Healthy ever after! LOL


M.A.C Lightful

Bought a M.A.C gift set. It is the Lightful line, it has a "Cleanser Nettoyant", a "Softening Lotion", an "Essence Serum", a "Protective Moisturizer Hydratant" & an "Ultracharge Foundation".
They replaced my old products in this A/W! From left to right, Cleansing --> Softening --> Serum --> Sun block --> Makeup.
I like the "Protective Moisturizer Hydratant" with SPF 30/PA++ most! It brightens my face, sun block and makes my skin look smoother! ^^

最近在 M.A.C 買了一套五件的禮盒, 如圖左至右, 由洗臉 --> 爽膚 --> 保養 --> 防曬 --> 粉餅, 一應具全, 現已取代我早上的護膚及底妝程序了!

特別推介當中的 "Protective Moisturizer Hydratant", 有 SPF 30/PA++ 防曬, 它更有效打亮了我的臉蛋, 還令粉底很貼服呢!


Kristina Ts

Work with Kristina for an advertisement. Such an adorable face and really professional!
Wish her a bright career ahead!


Senal Paper Mask

I want to introduce this "Senal H2O Paper Mask" to you. A soft paper mask with lots of H2O essence, enough for me to massage my neck too!
Just apply it on my face after deep cleansing for 15 minutes. It makes my dry face hydrogenic. And the paper is prefect fit for Asian. I like it! ^^
今天想介紹"Senal H2O 保濕啫喱面膜"給大家!是我近期的至愛, 洗完臉磨沙後貼上面部十五分鐘,已即時令我的缺水皮膚水份飽滿,而且質地柔軟,形狀合適,它的水份精華素更足夠我用來按摩頸部和手部呢!


Sebamed Moisturizing Cream 施巴 5.5

Winter is coming, the dry weather makes my skin dehydrate day by day. Sensitive than last year and some pores appeared. So I tried this "Sebamed ph 5.5 Moisturizing Cream" to solve my sensitive dry skin problem.

I only use this cream after cleansing. It's texture is not oily, and it works for me after 2 days used.

冬季快來臨了! 一夜之間的天氣轉變,令我的皮膚乾燥又敏感,比去年還要差,手頭上的冬季護膚品未能解決問題之餘,臉上還長了粒粒呢!

在友人介紹下,選購了施巴 5.5的 "保濕修護霜",暫時捨棄了其他護膚品,每晚洗臉後便只搽它,兩天後,乾燥問題真的解決了!果然真的很保濕啊,所以急不及待要介紹給大家呢!^^