Senal Paper Mask

I want to introduce this "Senal H2O Paper Mask" to you. A soft paper mask with lots of H2O essence, enough for me to massage my neck too!
Just apply it on my face after deep cleansing for 15 minutes. It makes my dry face hydrogenic. And the paper is prefect fit for Asian. I like it! ^^
今天想介紹"Senal H2O 保濕啫喱面膜"給大家!是我近期的至愛, 洗完臉磨沙後貼上面部十五分鐘,已即時令我的缺水皮膚水份飽滿,而且質地柔軟,形狀合適,它的水份精華素更足夠我用來按摩頸部和手部呢!

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TIBBIE 提到...

HIHI...見到你既推介, 想問下貴唔貴架 ?
如果要買邊度有得賣呀 ?

Tiffany Yim 提到...

Hihi, Thanks for your stopping by.
You can purchase it from Jordan. They have another choices in low cost.
or call 31718542 for more info. ^^

floranceinfo 提到...