Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy

Crabtree-Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy.
The best hand cream that I used before bed for almost 3 years.
And it's my hand mask too, I will apply a thick layer of it on my hands after hand scrub.
Eventhough you are not with a work-roughened hands or even you dont have a habit to apply hand cream often. I suggest you to try this daily before you sleep.
You will see some changes!



I saw a sweet old couple yesterday, can't take my eyes off them, becaue of their funny conversation.

This uncle asked his wife to take a picture for him with his digicam, and he stood in front of the gate with a pose. But the auntie didnt know where was the button, and then the uncle got angry and started to shout at her loudly. He walked towards her, taught her how to use it and the auntie listened carefully with a smile, after that, the uncle changed his face with a smile and spoke to her softly.

I think that's the way to keep a long relationship. ^^


Marie Claire Regenerative Night Cream

My new lover, Marie Claire Paris's Regenerative Night Cream

It's Nuit Paisible, for normal & dry skin.

Cause my skin is very dry during these few days of dry cold weather, It works since I just started apply it for 3 days, my skin changed into better condition now, so I would like to recommend this to all of u! ^^



My tonsil is not in a very good condition since I was 13 years old. A doctor suggested to cut it off (tonsillectomy) , but my Mum didn't want to cut any part of me. So finally, a non-surgical way, traditional Chinese medicine. I'm not able to eat fried food anymore, or I will get sore throat.(tonsillitis)

I have tried many other ways to solve my sore throat problem.

Actually, the fastest way is to consult a doctor & consume some antibiotics, but it's not good for health.

Sensa Cools it WORKS! After drinking 2-3 times within a day.

Well, beer also works as well sometimes,
we called it 'Guai Lo Leung Cha'.

Honey is good for dry cough & sore throat,
anyways, not for instant.

Sinsia Enteric-coated tablet. Orally administered three times a day afer each meal.
(It took 3 days to recover)

All of the above are my opinions, but I think the best way is take a good care of yourself and personlally I think drink more water is the alternative solution. ^^


Madame Pearl's

I highly recommend this Madame Pearl's Herbal Cough Syrup.
Cough due to common cold, cough with phlegm that is difficult to expectorate, dry cough, hoarseness and sore throat.
It really works for my serious sore throat and dry cough. But actually, See a doctor is a first choice when you get a cough. ^^
Stay away from cough & be healthy always!


Ginvera Marvel Gel

Ginvera Marvel Gel is a dead skin remover. My cousin recommended to me, I have been using it for almost 2 years.
It prevents blackheads and oil seeds, lightens scars and smoothens rough skin.
I use it to wash my face before apply a paper mask.
Ginvera is a Singapore based brand, you can purchase it from Singapore or Malaysia & online.
Other Ginvera's products include Bio Essence, Nugen & Green Tea are good also, but this Marvel Gel is a must buy item. ^^


Green Tea Maniac

I'm a green tea maniac, almost have to drink it everyday. And there are many healthy benefits of green tea. It's potential to act as a protective agent against premature death from heart disease and cancer, lower bad cholesterol, reduce weight, and lower high blood pressure.
In additional, It keeps your skin from anti-aging, acne-free, help grow strong nails and hair, as well as prevent tooth decay by killing off bacteria that causes plaque. Making you healthier and prettier.

Tao Ti Season Greetings Version Honey Green Tea! =^.^=

Imperial Choice Premium Green Tea Bag

Genki Sushi Green Tea Powder

More About Green Tea


Reverse Aging Century

I think many people wish to have a perfect skin or anti aging.
Yes, maybe we don't have to be afraid of getting old or aged sickness anymore.
According to Howard Chang Group of Stanford University's report on 29th November 2007, their research about the aging control by blocked a gene called NF-KappaB. It makes skin from aging and making it looks and act like it's new skin. Meaning, recovers injured skin.

Natural is good, but it's really an important discovery for medical history. Hope it would actually work on human being in the coming future. It helps aged sickness and cancer's patients.


La Prairie Cellular Night Repair Cream

La prairie "Cellular Night Repair Cream", a product for face, neck & decollete.
But I apply it on my neck only, for a softer & smoother neck. Because it's too oily for my face.

I did mentiond before, take care of your neck, especially during the dry winter weather.
By the way, The "Cellular Treatment Rose Illusioon Line Filler" as a make up base is great also.
You should try! ^^

Terry Richardson from Rio To HK

從來無諗過會見到 Terry Richardson 真身, 所以真係 "好意外, 好開心呀~" after party都好熱鬧, 玩得好開心......

有感而發 : 我覺得, 在藝術範疇裹, 好多嘢可以學, 可以努力, 但一個成功既 artist 最重要的, 係 sense......