Pros & Cons of Eating Yoghurt

Yoghurt (乳酪) is produced by lactose (乳糖) & lactic acid (乳酸). Rich in protein, calcium, magnesium (鎂), phosphorous (磷), potassium (鉀) and vitamin A, B1, B2, B12. It's good for our beauty & health!
Remember to choose some stated with "live & active cultures " (活性乳酸菌). Good for our digestion.
But many yoghurt products which contain high calories and sugar, it's not for keeping fit. According to the Food Standards Agency (英國食品標準局), If every 100g food have more than 10g sugar means too much sugar. It causes fat. Not to be consumed by people who has diabetes (糖尿病), better to choose "sugar free yoghurt".
We have to eat it cool, not to be heated. And don't eat it with luncheon meat, sausages or hams. Because of their saltpeter (硝) & amine (胺) will become nitrosamine (亞硝胺) chemically. It will cause cancer.
And it's not suitable to eat with cabbage also. Because of oxalic acid (草酸), it will cause lithiasis (尿路結石).
Eat right, stay healthy!