Using a Mascara

Now and then, many friends have asked me, what is the correct way to use a mascara. I will show them how to use it face to face. Today, I have found an easy way to show you how, a very clear demostration by Chanel. Let's have a look! (Please keep your eyes on the fingers)
In additional, I would say please move your mascara brush "Z" when you apply it. Just move your hand a bit to the left & right while you applying mascara. It's much more effective.
By the way, please take your time to wait for the mascara to dry. The result would not be good if your mascara drip on anywhere else beside your lashes. Especially when you are using a mascara base, apply the mascara after the base is fully dry, or you will get some "dust" on your eye lashes.
A right step, looks good & save time! ^^