M.A.C Fluidline & Eye Shadow

I want to introduce my new partners M.A.C "Blacktrack Fluidline" & "Carbon Matte Eye Shadow" to you! They are perfect matches for eyelines.
Previously, I was a liquid eyeliner lover, because liquid's outline has more sharp end, and long lasting than eyeline pencils. But for a better result, I have to blend the outline with a cotton bud to make it looks soft. And sometimes the shadow would stick on it's brush when I applied it after eye shadow.
Nowdays, after my foundation, I would like to apply "Blacktrack Fluidline" with a small brush and apply "Carbon Matte Eye Shadow" to blend the outline. It's an easy and long lasting way for eyelines. Anyways, it depends on what you are looking for, a good result? or a quick touch up?