Beauty Care x Menstrual Cycle

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Many girls know, there are 4 periods of our menstrual cycle. Menstruation, Follicular phase, Ovulation & Luteal phase . At the same time, they are important periods of our skin also. Let's catch the right time to do our skin care!

  • Menstruation (The 1st - 5th /6th day) :

Our hormones distribution & body temperature are very low, so our skin will turn into a tired period.

We need to keep our weak skin in water moisturised. And it's a good time to take care our black eye circle.

  • Follicular phase (Between the 6th - 17th day) :

In a high female hormones distribution period, this is the strongest time of our prefect skin.

We can do more whitening mask. And it's the right time to try some new or rich products.

  • Luteal phase (After ovulation, around the 15th day untill the next cycle day) :

The highest male hormones & LH period after ovulation. Our weak skin become oily & easy to get pores.

We have to use oil controling products, some nourish products, peeling & deep cleansing mask. But don't change our beauty products at this moment.