Drink Water @ Daytime, Not @ Nightime

I believe that everybody knows there are many benefits of drinking water, and knows that we have to drink at least 8 glasses = 2 Litres of water everyday.
But, ask yourself this : When is the best time to drink water?
It's daytime!

2 Litres of water can be included of other drinks, such as your morning coffee or tea time fruit juices, but the following drinking time are a must :
1 glass of warm water after woke up & before you have breakfast.
1 glass of water with lemon before lunch & 1 before dinner.
1 glass of water after your shower.
But don't drink too much before going to bed.

Water is a very important substance for our body. People will die in 3 days to a week without water. Let's click to see 10 reasons to drink water!