Save our environment

Give your hands to the Earth. Just do some small little things, turns out to be big help! ^^ I understand that is hard to change our lives, but some easy ways can save the environment if everyone can do the same.

1: Don't take extra plastic bags while shopping and don't buy plastic bottles drinks, even if you do, recycle it. Don't take one-time-use cutleries when you buy take-away meal back home.

2: Just open the curtain and window! Think twice before you turn on the lights or switch on the air-conditioner.

3: Please switch off all the power when you dont need it. (e.g. computers, chargers, toilet lights, TVs & etc.)

4: Save water, a fast shower is better than a bath and please close the water tap during/when you are brushing teeth.

5: Separate the rubbish/garbage accordingly and put it into recycle bins near your home.

6: Keep some recycle papers to replace the cutie note pads & don't use gift wrapers and don't use too much tissues, use towels or hand dryer to dry your hands.

7: Buy family packing products to save materials & please use till you finished. And don't use beauty products with animals testing.

8: Don't eat shark fins. Save the shark's life and save the ocean's environment.

9: Take public transports when you go out or you can car pool.

All of the above are something I'm doing it in my daily life, and my friends are doing it as well. There are more and more things we can do! Would you please help to save the environment with us? ^^