From Summer to Autumn *Tips for better skin*

Every year, in this period from Summer to Autumn, my lips and skin will turn dry, senstive and even crack. So here I want to share my own experience and tips, about how to solve this kind of problems:

1: Drink more water with mixture of honey. (It works! especially drink before you sleep every night.)

2: Apply lotion asap when you dry your body after shower / bath. (It means to absorb the amount of water by lotion.)

3: Eat a bit of spicy food when you feel your skin is getting too dry. Because this will make your blood circulation well and will make you drink more water also! ^^ )

4: When my leg is too dry & itchy (at times it will crack), i will mix some brown sugar with warm water to do a foot bath.

5: Finally, dont forget to apply more cream on your neck and hands before sleep, even when you don't need it during summer season. If you dont special care on this, your hands and neck will appear wrinkles or turn into a more worse condition after the dry season.

All of the above are my own experiences. It works for me, hope it works on you too!