Pancake's Day

I like pancakes! I have tried to make some with this pancake's powder which was purchased from MUJI. It's very easy and convenient! Just follow their steps on the packaging in Chinese .

Before I begin, I have prepared all the mixtures above.
And I chose to mix Pauls Skim Milk to contra down the calories.

First of all, add an egg into milk,

And mix together with the pancake powder gently,

Next, put in some olive oil, (please follow the packing's instruction)

Stir them untill you feel that the mixture is getting thicker and it's almost done and try to fry it.

Tips : Firstly, heat up the frying pan, then you have to cool it down by wiping the bottom of the pan with wet towel, if not the pancake will turned out dark coloured when it's too over cooked.
(Pictures below)


Tips: While frying, if you do see many holes on top of the pancake, it's time to flip it to the other side.

Yeah~ I've got it! Finally, I chose to serve with organic honey only, no more butter or bbq honey.

Let's try to make a wonderful breakfast for your Family & Love ones! What a happy, tasty and healthy experience! ^^