Chinese Traditional Way To Keep Healthy

Watched a TV show lately, It's about Chinese traditional way to keep you healthy.
I would like eat by this natural way than to take medicine.


When you catch a cold - Drink some Hot Ginger Soup
When you feel cold - Drink some Water with Brown Suger
When you are having constipation - Drink some milk
When you feel tired - Drink some Rose Tea
When you feel too hot during Summer - Drink some Coix Lacryma Soup

汗法 - 治傷寒 : 飲用熱薑湯
溫法 - 驅寒 : 飲用紅糖水
下法 - 助排毒 : 飲用牛奶
理氣法 - 養神調理 : 飲用玫瑰茶 
祛濕法 - 清濕熱 : 飲用薏仁湯

And we have to eat more seasonal food. Such as Leeks in Spring, Water Melon in Summer, Taro in Autumn & Dates in Winter. That would be very good for our body!

此外, 我們一年四季都應食用市場上當造的食物,如春季多食韭菜,夏季多食西瓜,秋季多食芋頭,冬季多食棗等...這樣是對身體特別有益的啊!