My tonsil is not in a very good condition since I was 13 years old. A doctor suggested to cut it off (tonsillectomy) , but my Mum didn't want to cut any part of me. So finally, a non-surgical way, traditional Chinese medicine. I'm not able to eat fried food anymore, or I will get sore throat.(tonsillitis)

I have tried many other ways to solve my sore throat problem.

Actually, the fastest way is to consult a doctor & consume some antibiotics, but it's not good for health.

Sensa Cools it WORKS! After drinking 2-3 times within a day.

Well, beer also works as well sometimes,
we called it 'Guai Lo Leung Cha'.

Honey is good for dry cough & sore throat,
anyways, not for instant.

Sinsia Enteric-coated tablet. Orally administered three times a day afer each meal.
(It took 3 days to recover)

All of the above are my opinions, but I think the best way is take a good care of yourself and personlally I think drink more water is the alternative solution. ^^


lieve schatje寫道…
I like Sensa Cools too
Ya, It works for me. ^^